Wander project what is in the Bay…

Every single night on the news, and yesterday in my inbox from BoatUS I got a warning. I also got a warning from the great place we bought our boat (Clark’s Landing). All three warnings say two things; the first is there is a problem with debris int he the Chesapeake Bay, the second is to be careful. Timber, wood or logs in the water for a significant period aren’t always on the surface. Over time the saturation of the wood allows the log or branch to sink, Sometimes to the bottom of the river, stream or lake. Sometimes, two or three inches below the surface. When you are in a boat, and running the engine, that impacts your propellers. You can bend your propellers or worse.

Debris is a huge issue in any body of water. In particular, this debris was sent down the river, because of all the rain on the US east coast. Funny how rain in one place makes a problem in another place. Time for a climate-change digs here when weather patterns change year over year that is very normal. When people start talking about 100-year weather events, that also happens, roughly every 100 years. When it happens two years out of three, it is no longer a century weather event. It is a century weather event, in that in the previous 99 years it never happened before. Now flooding in various parts of the US has happened two out of the last four years, at the 100-year level. Scary to think some people don’t believe in climate change.

All that said, this weekend as we wander out in the boat, we are going to wander up the back creek. Our marina is at the mouth of the back creek; we are going to wander back towards Annapolis on the back creek as far as we can. That is about a 2 miles maximum journey. But that is safer than wandering out into the bay and hitting a submerged log!

Safety makes for happy sometimes. But safety always makes for safe!


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Written by DocAndersen

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