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The folder on the hard drive is called “unknown,” but the majority of the pictures are of our house in Sherwood Oaks. In particular, the majority of the pictures were taken by either my grandfather or my mother. My gut is they were taken by my grandfather. Yesterday I talked about the line that MacGregor used to run on in the backyard and then later the fence we added around the backyard. In one corner of the backyard was dad’s garden. The Garden was small at first but later grew to be the entire corner of the yard. The other pending doom that was coming, beyond weeding in the garden. Soon I found out I would be mowing the front lawn of the house. When we moved to Sherwood Oaks, I was presented with a snow shovel.

“Your job is to clear the driveway” Sadly I was not given the opportunity to come up with creative ways to clear the driveway. I was to use the implement of destruction called a snow shovel. Our first winter in the new house was my chance to go from loving snow to hating snow. Then in that late spring suddenly I was responsible for mowing the front yard.  I hate lawn mowing, but at age 10 I began mowing the front yard. Later (the next year in fact) I mowed the whole lawn. But for now, in the spring with a baseball bat and a ball, life was good. I still if anyone is interested, hate mowing the lawn. We had a push mower at first, not something that was fun to push, however.

It was that first summer in Sherwood Oaks that I met a lot of the neighborhood kids. We used to play in the neighborhood park. There were tennis courts and a basketball goal. There was a massive field that we played baseball and football in. Plus there was a creek. I was and am fascinated by water to this day in fact. We would play all sorts of games around that creek. We found small fish, leeches and once, on a walk down the length of the creek, dad and I found a huge Alligator Snapping turtle. The same kind of snapping turtle that was in the pond behind our hoseu in Greenwood. I remember dad teaching me why you didn’t get close to big turtles like that. He stuck a long stick towards the turtle. The turtle snapped, and so did the stick!


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