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For some reason when snow falls, I take pictures. These, from snowfall in 2004. The folder the pictures are in is labeled the “First Snowfall of 2004.” As if it is significant at that moment. That until the snowfall there wasn’t 2004. We couldn’t look back upon a summer of swimming in the pool. Or sitting on the deck watching the sunset. Those didn’t happen until the snowfall.  The snow that contributed so little in 2018 in Maryland to the overall rainfall totals. Five inches or so of snow equals an inch of rain. Just to be fair and in the best sense of reality, if all the rain in Maryland in 2018 fell as snow, it would be more than 300 inches of snow. Nearly 25 feet of snow piled up on my driveway.

I’ve seen 25 feet of snow, crossing the rainbow pass in Colorado. Drive on a road that was cleared, but towering snow on both sides.  It is a lot of snow not, what is shown in these pictures. This is a snowfall that happened overnight. We went to bed, the world around us green and awoke in the morning, a white blanket covering the world. Looking out from various angles towards our backyard to see snow.  On School Dayz, the made dance would begin. Children are rising to prepare for school but then seeing the snow turning on the radio or the television. Waiting for the scroll. “we have to know.” They would say and then return to waiting for the scroll.

The scroll upon its mystical appearance would provide either smiles or frustration. “It can’t be safe to have school buses on these roads.” The tiny voices would say. Or, a more simple “yeah!” and bundling up the tiny voices would head outdoors to play. The scroll was, of course, the news providing school closures. There were always a school that closed if any snow fell — those rural schools with hills and small roads that were not safe with any snow on them. The suburban schools our children attended having the advantage of a county with snow plows and salt trucks. Oft there would be freedom from school, but only once enough that school was extended (Indiana built in 5 snow days. They only got more than five days once while we lived there.)


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