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wander project the water of the sea

Do you ever stand at the edge of the water, from ocean or sea, and wonder where that water had before> Where the last person that touched the water saw it. Was that person swimming? Where they as well standing on the beach looking out over the ocean wondering who would know that water next? Perhaps for my friends who live across oceans from me, it was one of you?

Standing there on the shore as the waves lapped the sandy or rocky beach. Each wave, bringing water to coast that was quickly grabbed by the undertow and taken back out to sea. The water recycled, repurposed the molecules staying together. The hydrogen atoms are locking arms with the oxygen two to one in a dance that not even the most significant waves could break.

Was it you? Was that you are standing on the shore 2000 miles away. Smiling at the crashing waves and sending the water back towards the rest of the world. Did you wave as the water went away from you? Perhaps you wished the waves a bon voyage as they say in France. Or did you just quietly turn and walk away? Maybe hands in pockets, tutored against the cold air, you head back home. But know, the next day the water will be there. This time from me, a warm greeting from afar carried by sea!

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I have stood at the shore and wondered if the days of fun we had in college would ever come back and what happened to those friends who are not in touch.
    However, it is moon that makes me wonder often if my friends are standing there out in the open and looking at the same moon as I , I wonder if we feel the same air against our faces or perhaps share the same emotions as we watch the moon.


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