Wander project the water around Annapolis Maryland…

From December 31 to January 1 we changed calendars, and in one of those very rare events overnight the temperature went up and then from Jan 1 to Jan 2 the temperature outside did the more traditional going down at night. Interesting weather phenomena. When the warm air blows in from the Gulf of Mexico, it warms the air. The ground remains cold, and you end up with fog. (Coldwater, warm air, or warm water cold air all produce fog).  The result is that yesterday it nearly 60 degrees. The high today is predicted to be around 40 degrees. The first result of that level of weather shifting is, of course, the reality of illness. Your body is adjusting to constant temperature changes, and viral infections love that!

Today is wandering the water near Annapolis Maryland. A relaxing day on the boat. Back Creek rolls out just south of Annapolis joining the Severn River in producing the bay that is close to Annapolis. It doesn’t have a name (the bay) as far as I know. It is just the mouth of the Severn River. A cool place to go boating. You wouldn’t however, spend your day in that part of the Chesapeake fishing. There are far too many boats that are to support fishing. It is also not a place you would, if people did that on the bay, pull someone behind your boat in an inner tube. You might do that further up the Severn River, in fact, I’ve seen boaters doing that further up the Severn. But not in the outer harbor area of Annapolis.

You are but a short hop via boat to the Bay Bridge. No matter how many 100’s of boats are out, the river heading under the Bay Bridge all the way to Baltimore is wider than the Bay Bridge is. The worst on the water traffic jam has forced us to go ½ speed to the bridge. We’ve sat on the bridge for an hour trying to get across the one holiday we crossed the bridge (into Delaware) and tried to return (across the bridge) to Maryland. Under the bridge, you don’t have long lines of boats, slowly creeping across the water. The boats are a blur often of high-speed motion. The cars are often sitting, not moving. The drivers looking out at the boats and glaring as they cruise under the bridge.

It is much calmer to be boating than driving when it comes to the Bay Bridge!

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