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Wander project the Trails of Redmond Washington

Before my knee gave out, I used to run a lot — today, pictures of one of my favorite running trails in Redmond, Washington.  I shared pictures from another running/walking trail yesterday. These pictures are actually from the trail that ran alongside the river in Redmon Washington. Redmond was a place I was often in for nearly 15 years. I spent a lot of time running along this very trail. I could go about three and a ½ miles along the river seeing Otter, Beavers, and very few human beings. I had my earphones in and listening to Audiobooks. I would run until I was tired and then walk back to the hotel. I had long before then stopped running a specific distance.

This trail was fun in that on the left was nature on the right was the human world. One was built and bustling; the other was quiet and reflective. It let me separate the two parts of myself. The further away from Redmond you got, the less and less large buildings. There were houses as far along the trail as I ever walked or ran — a fun trail no matter what. I did see the otters playing often. That was fun. I read all the signs and followed the rules, staying away from the Otters. I got to see Beavers as well; they built their dams alongside the river. The did not try to dam the river, simply coexisting along the banks, I also when walking back to the hotel, always picked up trash.

It made me sad to see such a pristine place littered with snicker bar wrappers and leftover cups form the burger joint down the road. So I picked them up and put them in the small bag I carried when running. In that bag, I had my Zune for audiobooks and room for trash. Sometimes I ended up carrying trash because there was more than fit in the pocket of my bag. The last time I ran or walked this trail was in 2010. I am sure it has been built over, and the otters and beavers are gone. Or perhaps because Seattle/Redmond is more open around conversation, they have kept this place. I hope it is still there that others can walk the trail and find the peace of nature.

The nature trail Redmond WA.

Running towards the moutains!

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