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Wander project the list required to get to Amsterdam!

When my wife and I got married, we also moved. There is a fFunny story that led to that. My wife graduated from college and looked for her first job. I was at that point, a multi-year teacher, and I figured she wouldn’t find a starting job at the same or higher salary than mine. She started looking for jobs, and I said, if you find a job that pays more than mine and not in Bloomington, I will move. Funny, her first job offer was in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was a lot more than I was making as a teacher. So we moved, packing up our house on Memorial Day 30 years ago and moving to Cincinnati, Ohio. We came back to get married at my parent’s house, but that was later in June.

It was a couple of weeks after our wedding that my wife wanted to have a conversation about our dreams. Everyone has dreams. There are career dreams, goals, and things that we all have, and we all consider them. The reality of those dreams is that we have them, and we work towards them> My wife wanted to set a couple of goals for us—things to achieve as we moved through life. We sat down at the dining room table we got as a Wedding present, and we both agreed that no dreams were off-limits, but that we would come to a consensus on the goals we would chase, vs. the ideas that we would hold dear but not work on together. Then we started working on dreams.

My wife, the concept of the wife was still new then, had a list, and I had an agenda. Not unlike the Wish List challenge that was shared a few days ago. The biggest goal was, for my wife, to go to Holland. In particular, she wanted to go to Amsterdam. The pictures today are of that trip. We spent three days in the city of Canals. These pictures are of the canal trip we took on the first day we were in Amsterdam. The exciting thing is that was the last goal on that original list we made 30 years ago for us to achieve. We’ve created new listings and new challenges over the years, but that first list was special. Being able to say we were done with it was something magical!

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  1. I also had a lot of plans and basically I fulfilled everything …. now I don’t plan anything anymore … I decide on the spot …. nice trip and nice memories …. I also have nice memories of the Netherlands and Amsterdam. … I even had a girlfriend in the Netherlands


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