Wander project the Kentlands, Gaithersburg MD…

Our first big moved happened May 30th, 1991. We moved to Cincinnati Ohio. We ended up renting a townhouse in Fairfield and lived there for a year. Then we moved to Mainville on the other side of Cincinnati and finally bought a house in Western Hills. We were looking for the right place for us to settle. When we moved back to Greenwood, we knew where we wanted to live. Near Indianapolis (Greenwood is right outside Indiana[polis). The schools had to be good as well; the kids were all of that age. We made about four different day trips in the process of moving. Each time, wandering different parts of Greenwood Indiana. We ended up near where my sister used to live in Eagle Trace.

Moving to Maryland was different. My wife did a lot of research, but we decided to rent a house for a couple of years. In part, because we just weren’t sure we were going to stay, and we didn’t know where we wanted to be. I can tell you that renting the house, was the worst mistake we could have ever made. What was to pass then was a customer service nightmare. The dishwasher broke about a week after we arrived at the house. It worked, broke, worked, broke and in the end wasn’t working nearly half the time The property management company we were dealing with was horrible. We were paying a premium to live in a nice house, but nothing was ever fixed.

Noah’s Properties of Gaithersburg MD, in case you ever decided to move to this part o the world, and are thinking about renting a home. Do not go anywhere near that horrible company; The pictures shared today, one apparently of the inside of the camera lens cap, a few of work whiteboard sessions and some of that house in the Kentlands. We loved the location; we enjoyed the house, the rental company not so much. We finally, after a nonworking refrigerator, non-working dishwasher and a dead wine cooler decided to buy a house once again. We looked around the area and finally decided on Germantown MD. It was the best decision we could have ever made!


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Written by DocAndersen

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    • I have no idea what the 2nd photo was. Rules of the family history you have to share the pictures good and bad. That includes known, and unknown pictures as well.