Wander project Thanksgiving 2001

Yesterday I shared pictures from Thanksgiving 2000; Today it is Thanksgiving 2001. We wandered down to mom and dad’s house for the celebration. Sometimes the weather was perfect. You could, without a heavy winter coat go outdoors. So we did, go outdoors. Mom and Dad’s driveway had a slight slope. So the kids hopped on the various riding implements and raced down the driveway. Not fast enough that they couldn’t stop. The driveway is flattening out a bit as it got closer to the radio. So Friction would stop them long before they were at risk for being near traffic. Not mind you,  that Kinser pike was a huge thoroughfare on Thanksgiving day. Or for that matter not that it was a busy street virtually any day of the year. It was more a spur connecting the houses than a major road.

My daughter was born close to Thanksgiving, so she, like me got to share her birthday with another holiday. My birthday is near Christmas. My niece was born in early November, so she as well celebrated Thanksgiving. It is funny when I look back at old event pictures I went from taking 10, 12 pictures per event to taking 30, 40 pictures per event. Later I would take many many more pictures per event. Overall the change had to do with cameras and memory cards and ultimately me converting to taking pictures. For many years my dad and I split the duties, but he stopped in the early 2000’s, and it was only me taking pictures of events. Some of dad’s old pictures are amazing.

As we wind down Thanksgiving 2001, the kids rush outdoors. Well, they rushed outdoors before and after the meal. They would have eaten their turkey on the driveway playing with the various rolling vehicles, but we did make them come in and sit down for the meal. Mom and dad never really had kids tables and adults tables, so we all kind of groups together based on the day. There were kids and adults at every table. Although the grandkids usually wanted to sit with Grandma. The transition by then from mother to grandmother was complete (as my mother always said: “eat your broccoli.” As my mother the grandmother always “let them eat what they want. They don’t have to eat the broccoli”.)


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