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One of the things a lot of people do is try something new. So, today I wanted to try something new. There are four pictures shared today. My father took the first picture. I think personally this is one of the best movies he (my father) ever took. It conveys a message and also shows the heart of the photographer. My father was always looking for a view that was different than the one he had the day before. This young baby in a bucket is, without a doubt, one of his best pictures. There is one picture that sums up my father as a photographer; it is this picture. So, let’s start with a photo my father took, baby in a bucket. The photo was born nearly 50 years ago.

The second picture is one of my father’s inspired. He and I stood side by side and took photos of the Lady in the Harbor. She is still there, and in 2016 when in Copenhagen, we trekked across the city to see the statue. I had cracked ribs, and every step as we walked was painful. But, I wanted more than anything to honor my father and retake the pictures. To recapture the moment with my children. I don’t know that they will carry on this tradition. But for me, it was essential to retake the picture. So doing something different, I am sharing a film inspired by my father and inspired by the memory of the person that stood next to me and took the same picture many years before.

I will end with two pictures of my father—one of my father and me, one of my father and my middle sister. I should probably share the fifth picture of my dad and my youngest sister, but I didn’t have a good one of the two of them picked out. I will share one at another time. The picture of dad and I is one that I have used for a long time. It is the person I remember. Dad and mom were very different but unified in a lot of things. My mom never used the old wait until your father gets home. They both used the “do you want us to tell your grandfather,” but when it was time, they provided proper incentive to change behaviors (i.e., discipline).  That picture conveys the other side of parenting, being there for your kids.

Thanks for reading! Today was taken, inspired, and of!

a picture by my father

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a picture inspired by my father

a picture of me and my father

a picture of my sister and my father!


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