Wander project swimming, friends and Greenwood IN!

Many years ago I had the opportunity to join a company working for a part of the company based in Detroit. My first manager was an amazing person. His name was Don; I won’t go further than Don however in fairness to him. He was my boss for about the first year I was with the company. I struggled to convert from being an IT person to being a consultant and Don helped me. Later I would transfer to a Cincinnati Ohio based manager who was awful, then worked for another three-letter name person in Columbus Ohio Ron, and then back to a horrible manager that both Don and I worked for in Cincinnati. Don and Ron, however, were both great managers, and I am proud to call friends now.

Don, his wife Nancy and their twins came to visit us in Greenwood. Thye moved from Detroit to Cincinnati and then moved back to Don’s home state of Alaska.  They are still in the great northern expanse of Alaska today! But this was a few years ago, and they came on their vacation stopping by to see us and let our twins meet their twins. Don’s twins were a couple of years old than our twins, but it was a blast to hang out with all of them. We ended up having perfect outdoor weather that day. There is something about getting to hang out with people you enjoy that makes a day even better than it would have been otherwise. You get to be with people that make you happy!

There are a couple of pictures of the adults sitting near the play yard that was in the elevated part of our backyard. One of the regrets I had was the fact that the mulch from that play yard was just one rainstorm away from being all over the rest of the yard. We had added a drain to resolve some of the neighborhood drainage issues (the drain was later the only reason our basement didn’t flood three years after we added it). Sadly the rain did a good job for the most part, but if there was 2-3 inch rapid rain, we would have a full drain area, the water from the entire neighborhood drained into our yard, so it became an overflow situation. The overflow took the mulch towards the pond. Given time, and more engineering support, I probably would have had them do the drain differently. Hindsight being 20-20 and all.


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