Wander project starting over Cincinnati Ohio!

My beloved wife got a job in Cincinnati, Ohio, in February the year, we were married. I had told her if she got a job that paid more than I made, that I would move. Right out of college, she walked into a situation that spent more than my teaching job did. So we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. We moved to Ohio at the end of May that year and got married at my parent’s house in June. It wasn’t easy. My parents were now 3 hours away. My wife’s parents were more like 12 hours apart. We hit the ground in Cincinnati, Ohio, with our world. We had friends, my long time friend from Bloomington had moved to Cincinnati, or actually, he and his wife had returned to Cincinnati when he was done at Indiana University.

Cincinnati was us on our own. Throughout the next 9.5 years, we were away. My in-laws came to visit often. My parents came and visited. My grandfather spent a week with us as well, and I learned a new story. My grandfather had worked as a butcher for Oscar Meyer Company in Chicago, Illinois. At one point, the Oscar Meyer company had dual operations. Cows were sent to Chicago. Pigs were sent to Cincinnati. (To this day, the Cincinnati Marathon is the Flying Pig Marathon). Grandpa had been sent with a team of folks to Cincinnati to help them be more efficient. He remembered the waterfront of the city. He, my daughter, and I spent a day wandering that part of Cincinnati.

All three of the kids joined our family in Cincinnati. Gwen, our longest living dog, joined us in Cincinnati. When the twins arrived, my traveling started to impact my wife. So we decided to move back to Indiana at that time. It was easier for my wife to be less than an hour from my family. We moved within a ½ mile of my sister’s house; she was an incredible help to my wife! But Cincinnati was the start of our family. It is funny when you look back at the way things used to be. Cincinnati, Ohio, the beginning of where we were. Funny, that was the first house with a swing set in the yard. Now we are in our first house without a swing set in our yard (there was one, but we removed it)!

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