Wander project slimey ropes and beaches…Not connected….

I am starting my wander to warm project early this year. It isn’t that cold, but I miss the water! I suppose I could leave the boat in the water throughout the winter, but with this being hurricane season there is a risk in doing that. Docks change with water depth. You have to tie your boat in such a way that it doesn’t damage the boat during the sometimes significant storm surge (8-12 feet). Not that in the upper part of the Bay we get that kind of storm surge. Normally where we dock it is 2 feet. But two feet can be a lot if you consider tides move 2 feet already. So two more feet would be 4 feet. 4 feet is a lot of water to have ropes prepared for. In part because with that kind of surge, you end up with ropes in the water some of the time.

When the ropes hit the water, my wife doesn’t like grabbing them. Since it is her job in our team to tie and untie the ropes, the slime factor matters. Ropes that touch the water end up with lots of lots of growth. The growth or Algae is slimy, so there is complaining.  

The other risk, of course, leaving the boat in the water is if the river water freezes. Boats don’t do well with pressure from the sides. Nothing does well with pressure from the sides. So you have to have a bubbler in the water.  But boats like cars have parts that well aren’t built for external (outward in) pressures. It is best to pull boats from the water. Sometimes, people use boat lifts to keep the boat out of the water.

It also means for four months of the year; there is no boat. Just thinking about boating, or in this case sharing pictures of a trip to the beach many years ago when the kids were little. There are a few other interesting pictures sprinkled in with the beach pictures. The last one is of the bean preparing to use the zip line at a YMCA cam she and my wife went to. Funny, my wife met the woman that would later marry the best man at our wedding at that YMCA camp. My wife says she is 100% as a Yenta. (Yenta being someone that arranges marriages). I suspect, knowing that she had tried with other people she was more lucky than good on that one. It is hard to help people find the right person, for them!


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