Wander project Singapore (wander to warm!)

Back to wandering to warm, or the wander to warm project today. When your feet are cold, it is time to post about warm! I have had the pleasure of visiting Singapore several times. One of my all-time favorite, actually of my all-time favorite foods are native or not native but originated in Singapore. The first is the wonderful chili Crab dish. The second is the hairy crab dish. In both cases it is carb, and I love cab. In both cases, as far as I know, they originated in Singapore.

Some of my blogging pals would now share a recipe for Chili or Hairy Crab with you. Sadly I don’t have one. The images shared today are from my trip in 2009. One of my really good friends from the project I did in Malaysia was then living in Singapore. We had a chance to go out and have a wonderful meal and catch up. That project in Malaysia connected me to some dear friends all of whom are still connected today.

As a city, Singapore is a nation. As a nation, it is one of the largest ports of call in the world. It is fun to sit in the harbor and watch all the ships come in. I always stayed at the Marriott hotel in Singapore. Other than the very first time I went. I loved the round Marriott hotel. It is one of those places that I stayed in so many times that it was comfortable. I knew, once I got to the lobby what was happening next. I guess that is the value of going to the same hotel, many times!


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