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Wander project seeking warm weather in the middle of a freeze…

One of the always fun parts of a Cruise for me is the day at sea. You may, if you’ve read a few of my posts, know that being on the water is important to me. I love being on the water. It comes from my mother and father who loved being on the water. It also comes from my mother’s parents and my father’s parents who were often around, near or in the water as well. My mother’s parents lived on the shores of Lake Ripley near Cambridge Wisconsin when I was a little kid.

Water is important. As part as well of the family history project sharing the pictures is also important. There are so many pictures we’ve collected as a family. Moving them into the digital world makes some of them easier to share. Some are far too large for the sites I use, but some can still be shared. Moments of yesterday that wander across your screen. Today, the Pacific Ocean and part of the Norweigan Cruise ship we were on as we cruised between the Hawaiian Islands.

(As is the operative word, we also cruised on the various islands, but that cruising was via car). It was a wonderful experience, other than the average food. Plus the cabin crew that took care of our rooms was beyond amazing!

The goal of today’s post is for me to be able to set sail form the cold and remember when it was hot enough to sweat outside. Currently sweating outside is a bad idea, it freezes to you, and becomes uncomfortable very quickly. Plus you look funny with all that water frozen to you.


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