wander project seeking unplanned flowers

Yesterday I wandered the concept of the unintentional flower. Today going beyond that concept to the unplanned height, Sometimes as we walk along outside, we discover something. Sometimes it is a beautiful decoration created by our neighbors to hide their mailbox. Or possibly just because a moment of beauty stops us in our tracks. Or that it distracts us from the thoughts about us and around us. Each flower presents a delightful opportunity, the chance to start anew. If we are lucky, we can sniff the perfume the flower presents. That perfume, as long as a bee was not there first, is a mix of the season of the flower, the ground, and the unique smell every flower has.

Let’s dive into that for a moment. First, as we bend down, we confirm that there isn’t a bee. Sniffing with a bee in flower can produce uncomfortable results. So first, we visibly check for babies. If there are not any, then we loom close to the peak. Please do not pick the flower, drawing it to your face, kneel and smell the flower in its spot. The fragrance will fill you with joy and wonder. That is the flower. The flowers that we plant have those wonderful smells, those fragrances, but so do the wildflowers. The flowers are not planted by humans but planted by fate or chance. All flowers have a fragrance. Each flower begins as a seed. That tiny seed is the point of beginning.

Water, soil, sunshine, and time are what all seeds require to become more than seeds. With the hand of a gardener involved, the ground is prepared. The water is poured onto the seed, and the pot or soil is visible to the sun. Or for those flowers that love the shade, the shade is planned for. With the gardener, everything is designed. It is a process, and the process is honed over years of experience. The single, unprepared, unplanned, and unintentional flower then is sometimes overlooked. We walk by the beautiful works of the Gardners and forget to watch for the magic of chance. In the garden of the event, we may only see something for a single year, sometimes just a single day. But it will stay with us forever.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. With my workouts I experience the same concept. I see things different with each activity I do. I see more while on foot walking than I do versus cycling where I have to keep my eyes peeled for more things like cars, pedestrians, bikers, criminals, and traffic lights & signs. That is actually why I fell in love with walking because I saw more things than I did cycling or running. I can also stop to enjoy with no worries of being at point B on my course.


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