Wander project seekers of/in the sand….

There is something about footprints in the sand — especially those right by the water. The wave rolls in, and the footprints are gone. It is wonderful feeling the sand between your toes, your sandals in your hand. Or tennis shoes still on your feet dodging as the wave explodes on the beach and comes up much further than you thought, as you tiptoe away from the wave. Each wave is unique, and yet all are part of the larger entity the sea or ocean. In the case of the pictures shared today the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Delaware in the US. There is peace when you are near the water that sort of, kind of still lives within each of us. It is the very primordial mix of fluids we still carry with us as part of our connection to humanity and the sea.

We can wax poetic, on the short of the great ocean. And always dance with joy as something new washes up. We stop and peer to see what the sea has given us this day — a sand dollar, sadly not legal tender, or perhaps the shell abandoned by a hermit crab. Too many people, having moved to the seashore for the hermit crab. Leaving their home of today in search of a new home where there are fewer people to intersect with the hermits solitude.  The hermit’s shell moment over we continues our trek. A line of humans along the shore in search perhaps of the sun. In search of a moment to remember and though washed away to leave footprints in the sand.

Then the wave takes them away, and we push onward — our journey our destination. Seemingly not the answer to the question asked, where you are going. More a flippant response. A casual answer to a deeper question. Perhaps the seeker wanted more connection to the true destination. Instead, the seeker receiving that flippant response along the water to the end of the sky. As the sun sets we stop. Our journey is done. Our moment in the sun now over. As the sky slowly turns from yellow to blue and then inky darkness spreads around us. We, a merry band of footprint warriors will return another day. The footprints of today now gone as the sea hungrily consumes them. The sea is bringing everything back to the way it was yesterday.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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