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wander project Seattle Flowers!

Of the course of 15 years, I was in Seattle Washingon (US) and Redmond Washington at least six times a year or more. I often stayed in several hotels over those years, but as that moved along, I usually stayed in the same Residence Inn near where I was going. It was a hotel I knew well, and I had running trails near the hotel that I could hop on at the end of the day. The pictures are from that hotel and a couple of offices near the hotel taken during a trip to Seattle. I am not going to modify the pictures and make them Black and White. I am also not going to ask for the names of the flowers. Instead, I am just going to share them! The garden of the hotel often had amazing flowers.

There were several office buildings around the hotel as well. Plus, there was a short walk away, one of the coolest car dealerships I’ve ever been able to wander around. It had Maybach.  Rolls Royce and other high-end cars. They were, without a doubt, some of the most expensive cars I had ever seen. I never had the guts to walk in and ask for a test drive. I always figure they would do a credit check and ask for a 40,000 dollar us deposit to drive the Maybach (the car starts at 400,000 US for a base model. Nobody that buys a Maybach buys a base model). But I did enjoy walking by the parking lot of the dealership. I remember the first time I walked by, noticing their camera system.

They had the old CCD cameras that were night vision capable. It was a perimeter around the dealership. The majority of the real expense cars were inside. I never went into the dealership. I did notice a year or so after the first time I walked past that they upgraded the camera system. They also added motion detectors on the edges of the parking lot. I have seen a Rolls Royce on the roads, I have never seen a Maybach. Perhaps I will someday, see someone driving their Maybach to get take out at a McDonalds. I shall await that day! It should be a lot of fun to see someone one rollup on the window in a Maybach. I know, I think about strange things sometimes.


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