Wander project rain falls, it has to go somewhere….

I shared some pictures earlier this week of snow. More a wistful sharing of snow. We’ve already had our first measurable snow in Mid-November. Not, unexpected for the 4th wettest year on record in the DMV. I would like to note that our year was not heading towards being wet. From Jan to June we were well below the average rainfall in the Washington DC area. We had the wettest July on record, one of the wettest Augusts on record an average October for rain and the wettest November on record. Suddenly we moved from below average to well above average and now potentially one of the two wettest years on record. We are bad; water has to go somewhere. Rain saturates the ground.

Saturated ground can’t absorb water. So the water has to go somewhere. Normally that would be downhill.  Ergo (Ergo is one of my all-time favorite words) flooding occurs, and that is a bad thing. IT could be worse; however, while Maryland is suffering from the saturated ground right now, we haven’t suffered the wildfires like in California, followed by rain. When you take away the trees and grass, there is a lot more rainwater that isn’t absorbed. Artesian wells are the ground that takes a long time to trickle from the surface to the well level (water table). The extra water flows downhill, and now California which could have used the rain during the fires is now after the fires dealing with flooding.

One year we had particularly bad flooding in Indiana. The blue pool water you see was not blue after the flood. The pool cover which was roughly a foot below the concrete, and nearly touch the water was full. The pool itself had a lot of non-chlorinated water in it, from the flood. We normally added water from the tap water system of our house to the pool — filtered and clean water. Then add salt (it was a salt water pool), and we have clean chlorinated water to swim in. The water was the flood that year contained all sorts o biological things you don’t want in a pool. We couldn’t swim for a few days and had to run to the pool supply store and buy shock. The cost of the flood was the shock. Although our neighbors had flooded basements and we didn’t. The flood impact for our neighbors was far worse than our having to clean the pool.


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