Wander project the pool (reduX)

OK, I acknowledge I am cold. The beauty of the Family History project is I get to focus on other things. Like not being cold. You know, like when I was in the pool with the kids, or sitting on the side watching Gwen make sure she wasn’t hunting Chipmunks. I cannot honestly tell you how stupid Chipmunks are. They would be in the same places time after time. Gwen, you find them, and because I guess she had a particular set of skills kill them.

The path to warm lies in staying indoors and lighting a fire. Or, perhaps I should print all the pool pictures I have (more than 1500 overall) and dive into the warm water of the pool. We would open the pool every year in mid-may. We used the pool (it had a heater) until the middle of October. Roughly three months shorter than boating season is. We also spent a lot of time cleaning the pool. I cannot tell you how many dead frogs were pulled from the pool.

Or how many pounds of leaves. We had an automatic cover, so the pool was not open, but there were always leaves in the pool. My memories of the pool are the moments spent cleaning the pool. I know the kids have different memories, mine are of the cleaning process. For a couple of years, we did have an automatic pool cleaner. It would wander the bottom of the pool and keep it clean. But the company that built our pool didn’t do the hoses right, and there was never enough pressure to make the automatic cleaner powerful enough that it removed enough.


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