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wander project pictures my dad took…

I do not know for sure who is in the first picture; the second picture was against the brick of our house in Sycamore Knolls. We moved from Sherwood Oaks to Sycamore knolls after returning from Bangkok. People, ok I, wonder why most of the subdivisions in the town of Bloomington after the 1960s were focused on naming them for groves of trees. A good friend of mine was a City Planner for Bloomington, Indiana; his joke was always “put names in a hat and draw one.” I always wondered why they picked the names they did. Moving to Cincinnati, there were also names, but they tended more to be the name of the major street that was running through the housing area.

Anyway, the last two as wells, my father took the first two pictures. The first two were in the US, most likely somewhere in Bloomington, Indiana. The second two are different. The 3rd picture is I think of road salt, but it could be something else. I don’t know. The disadvantage of scanning all these pictures after my father’s passing is that I don’t have a reference to go back to. Hey dad, what the heck was this a picture of? It is the hard part about some of the pictures. My dad spent a lot of time away from Bloomington. One of the reasons that we packed up the whole family for a year and went to Bangkok was so that my dad wasn’t traveling and away the whole year.

He did travel to Suadi Arabia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sydney Australia, and other countries over the years. The last picture is of a Buddhist monk. My father grew up in a small church in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. My grandfather was buried in that church — his WWI service budget on his grave marker. Grandpa never left the country during WWI but was in the last group of the 101st Cavalary that trained to go overseas. My father, later in life, moved closer and closer to Buddhism. It felt more comfortable to him. But in fairness, my father loved Thailand. His love of the people he worked with, the country, and everything else, pushed Jim to embrace new ways of thinking.


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