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Sometimes wandering old pictures leaves me wondering if something was missed. I know, as a parent, that I took many pictures of the kids over the years. I am thankful I have the pictures but I do wonder if something was missed. My wife and I engaged with the kids, we talked, we played but as a parent guess one of the things you always do, is wonder could I have done more than. Time is an equalizer. Something that makes all things equal but still maintains the difference. We are the masters of time, but we do not control it.

I have a coffee cup one o the kids gave me for father’s day a few years ago. It is the world’s greatest dad mug, and I am sure there 20 on the shelves of the little store at school. Twenty dads treated to the same world’s greatest dad mug. I don’t know that mug matters to me. It was given as children give things wrapped in bright paper.

But a mug. Opening and shocked to read that I am the world’s greatest dad, but as I said, knowing there were 19 other mugs like in somewhere south of Indianapolis Indiana. I want to think that each of the others on opening the gift, didn’t suddenly believe the mug. But who knows? It made me feel good.

For the past ten years, I have used that mug every day as my coffee mug. It brought a couple of weeks ago. While fixed now, it won’t hold coffee. So now it sits on my desk holding loose pens. I wonder if, in breaking the mug, I am still the world’s greatest dad?

father and son. 

I couldn't help it, the fat cats make me giggle!


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  1. Such great memories. I have so many photos that my parents took while I was little that I hardly know what to do with them all, Some are in my PC and some in albums. There is one that has nearly faded with time where dad is taking my photo and I must be about two and you can only see my mom’s hand she is holding me with a death grip because I had just learned to walk and I was not steady on my feet lol but they had to have the photo


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