Wander project perserving the Cheseapeake Bay!

I worry about the environment, both from a power perspective and I talk about that often in my technical blog. But also from a sheer, it is such a critical part of the east coast of the US. Oysters, Crabs and other food items come from the Bay. Boaters and shippers use the water of the Bay to enjoy a day or to move goods to the world. (Or from the world to the US) The water was so dirty for so many years that a dolphin sighting was questioned. Now, you can seek dolphins in the Bay. They aren’t easy to find, it is a huge body of water, and dolphins are small, but they are back in the Bay. It has been many years since they were back. We spent a lot of time last summer chasing them, No luck, but we are still trying.

The joy of water!

We used to go down to Lake Lemon when we lived in Indiana. The twins had their first fishing opportunity on Lake Lemon. We used to also pull a tube behind the boat. The fun part of pulling the tube was watching the sheer joy as the kids pelted around the lake on the tube. Bounding on the wake of our boat and other boats the kids had a blast every time we pulled out the tube.

I suspect at 30 kph it would not be a good idea to pull someone behind our current boat. The wake from the twin engines alone would be a lot more than the old boat put out. Plus I am not sure the mixed water (salt and fresh) is all that fun to end up in. I haven’t seen anywhere near the number of skiers, wakeboarders and the like in the Bay that I remember from Lake Lemon.

A lot more people are fishing on the Bay than Lake Lemon. Boats with 12, 15 or more poles attached to the top of the boat as they rush across the Bay to a new fishing location. I guess lakes, bays, and oceans, as well as rivers, are devoted to the reality of what people want to do. 


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