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During a twelve or so year period (1999 to 2001) I traveled a lot. In part, because there was limited work for my team in the city we were living in (Indianapolis) and in part because my skills were better suited to other locations in the world. I spent a lot of time chasing, helping and migrating Lotus Domino customers to the Microsoft stack. It was a skill that over time helped me figure out how to quickly look at a customer’s portfolio and see the holes.

It also afforded me a lot of trips overseas. The thing for me was the people I met. I made friends in countries all over the world. I already had friends that lived in Australia, and Thailand now I was adding Malaysia, the UK, and many other international locations.  All of the pictures today are from a trip to Paris France. I went several times to Paris, this particular time my wife got to go with me, and while I was in meetings, she wandered Paris.

There is a mix of digital images (mine) and my wife’s film pictures. All of the pictures today come from the digital camera. We spent six days in Paris. I was working for three of them (the first we were exhausted and just well tried to get over the lagging caused by Jets!). My wife got to see the sights of Paris (one of the cities she wanted to visit in the world, the other was Amsterdam). The look on her face as she described her day at the Louvre was priceless!


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Was it also Paris where your daughter Jakki injured her knee? And why do you have to stress that you were working while Mrs. Andersen got to roam? ??? It is not her fault that you prioritized work over leisure ? lol kidding ?


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