Wander project Paris France.

Last blast of the developed film pictures from Paris. My wife, a former video producer, has a much better “photographic” eye than I do. The images she captured in Paris are much better than the ones I captured. I just took a lot more (digital) than she did (film 64 – the event and images of the kids). My good pictures are luck, back in the days of film all the good pictures she took in Paris, were a skill. There are so many wonderful photographers here on Virily and the other blog sties I visit.,

I am jealous sometimes, I get good pictures, but only because I take 100’s of pictures to get one or two good ones.

We, my wife and I, didn’t get back to Europe for 12 years. In between, we wandered the Caribean and moved ½ across the US. We launched our family in Cincinnati, then moved back to Indianapolis (Greenwood) Indiana. Then we moved to Maryland. I am not sure the twins even remember Cincinnati. Other than being reminded they were born there. My daughter has quite a few memories of Ohio but many more of Greenwood. The twins also have memories of Greenwood. I suspect their memories of Indiana are very different than my daughters.

We wandered Paris for the weekend. There is something magical about a weekend in Paris. Not to compete with the many movies that ran with that theme. The city of lights is magical as you wander its streets.

A vacation to remember!

Sorry for the repeat pictures, the story is always different, the memories are more evolved, but the pictures are repeats shared in the past, and now of our trip to Paris.


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