Wander project Paris 2003

I had the opportunity as a child to visit Paris with my parents. My mother took us all around the city for the two or so weeks we were there. Paris is the home of UNESCO, and my father was working for them for a year. He was part of a team of educators going to help Thailand build a higher education system. Not that Thailand didn’t have one, more than they, Thailand, wanted to improve their higher education system. Thailand had been one of the First Nations in the 1960’s to have Peace Corps volunteers helping them from the US. UNESCO came along after the Peace Corps sometimes focused more on education.

The pictures today are ones I’ve shared before of Paris. They come from a trip I took for business. My wife was unable to go back with me on my other trips to Paris. My wife did get a chance to go with me to Mexico City a couple of years later.  I remember the first couple of times I went to Paris, in particular, I looked for something. When I first went with my parents one of the things I found in France was a lego-like Castle set. It was one of my favorite toys for many years. I lugged it from France all the way to Thailand and played with it long after we returned to the US. It, the castle set, sadly was no longer viable after a few years due to missing pieces.

But I looked for a set like that in some toy stores in Paris. I never found one. I did find fun characters later in Germany (Knights on horseback), but that was a couple of years later. There were two toys of my childhood that I found on the way to Thailand that I have never seen again. One was a replica LaFrance firetruck with ladders you could take out and an as a ladder truck you could extend the large ladder. The castle was the second. I have never seen either again. I do still have most of the Fire Truck (no ladders anymore).


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