Wander project out on the Bay (near Annapolis MD).

The pictures are ½ and ½ today. The first few and last few were taken by me; The rest were taken by my wife. Ergo, her snapping a picture of me at the helm. She does that every time I hand her the camera. I suspect I should stop giving her the camera. The bay, back creek, an area where we keep our boat is still really badly congested with floating wood. It makes for an interesting trip out towards the bay bridge. You move slowly, keep your eyes open and watch both the sonar and the horizon. Once you get out to the portion of the Bay that is downriver of Baltimore, the wood decreases fairly quickly. It is just the area around the inner harbor of Annapolis that is bad now.

You don’t want to hit a submerged log with your props. That forces you to have your boat short hauled and the props replaced.

It was a hot day at the marina, but once we got out onto the water, it cooled off. There was a nice breeze, and with the boat completely open, we had a wonderful win blowing on us! There were not as many sailboats out as normal for a Sunday. I suspect the amount of debris in the water reduces the number of boats that are out considerably. 

My wife noticed that the paint on Captain Lars head is peeling. We will have to paint his cap this winter. We don’t want a peeling captain on the boat!

Funny, the entire time we were on the boat it was nice outside. The minute we got within a mile of our house, it started to rain. It then rained for the rest of the day. That is 10 out of the last 15 days with measurable rain. California needs the rain, Maryland doesn’t right now. There isn’t a good way to box the rain and send it to the folks in CA. I did offer to send Kim some dehydrated rain but to rehydrate; you need water. 


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