Wander project on the way to Disney World (Cincinnati Ohio)

One of my all-time favorite stories about my daughter is the story of the Limo. We took a family trip (we’ve done many of those over the years) to Disneyworld. As we, my wife and I were talking about which car to leave at the airport, my daughter said: “I want to take a limo.” At first, my wife and I were a little nervous about that. Afterall limos are expensive and frankly going to Disney World isn’t cheap.

It was a shocking experience to call and find out the limo was only going to be about 50 or so dollars more than parking for eight days at the airport. Plus they would pick us up in the limo, and we would be able to ride in comfort to the airport. So we decided to take a limo. It must have looked strange to our neighbors with us getting into a limo in pitch dark. We had a person coming by the house to take care of Gwen each day, but we were off to Disneyworld.

Limos were less expensive in Cincinnati Ohio than they are in Maryland. We thought about taking a limo to the airport two times since moving to Maryland. I can honestly say that the price of a limo in the DC area was four times more than it was in Cincinnati. Now, there are 15 years between the Cincinnati trip and the ones in DC. But four times the cost meant it was cheaper to park a car at the airport and not even consider a limo again!

The team ready to go!

Smiling as she got into the limo...

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