Wander project of traveling rules…

I traveled for work from 2000 to 2011. I have taken five business trips since 2011. I do not miss business traveling. The pictures, today, however, are from 2016 our first day back in Copenhagen. We landed in Copenhagen. Rushed across the city in a cab and got on the Costa Cruise ship. We all collapsed that evening at 8 pm. It was a long day, flying from Baltimore Maryland to Iceland, then Copenhagen.  We were all sitting all over the plane (when you get cheap tickets you have to give up something, we gave up well sitting together. My wife and I did get to sit together; I like traveling with my wife. She and I have a rhythm, and unlike the person next to me, I don’t mind if she encroaches my seat area on the plane!That got me thinking about the three sides of airplane travel edict. I am not going to pronounce sick people should stay home. I know that travel, in particular, family travel, can be planned more than a year. Based on that you have to go, illness or not. The same is often true of business travel, so one of my rules is not if you are sick stay home. Just know if you can stay home, and you are sick, please do. I cannot tell you how many trips to either Asia or Europe ended up with me arriving pre-sick and within 24 to 48 hours of landing, being sick. So if you can stay home, please do! Rule number one for me is the rule of seat verticality. Just make sure other people are also pushing their seats back before you do!

The next is the middle seat rule. If you are in the middle seat, you should be at least one of the two if not both of the armrests. So, if you are on the window side of the aisle side, give the middle person the armrests. They have the worst seat on the plane, give them a break! That is two rules that are simply ways you can be nice to your fellow passengers. The last rule has to do with the music/media you are playing. I understand that plane rides can be long, but if I have to have noise canceling headphones to NOT HEAR your music or your movie, it’s too loud. So turn the volume down. My favorite rule is the last one, mostly because it is probably the only one that applies to life in general. If I can hear your music, then it is probably too loud.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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