Wander project Mt. Airy Maryland

Need to come up with a cool name for our Saturday expedition. We went to Mt. Airy Maryland to the bike story my wife found. First off, not many places sell quality tandem bicycles. Many places including Amazon sell tandem bikes, but in many cases you get it, it is assembled, and that is the last time it works. Quality is critical when getting a Tandem bike. Anyway, a name for our expedition yesterday. The duality?, Two for one? Stoker’s rule? Two for the road? Two is better than one? Four eyes on the road? There are some other names to consider, but you get the idea. Daisy ended up getting married to a guy that couldn’t afford a carriage. But we all know that to song right?

But you would look sweet, upon the seat of my bicycle built for two.

When riding a tandem bicycle, the important thing is the roles. The front rider is called the captain. The back rider is called the stoker. The things are each person on the bike has a specific job. The stoker is the navigator and the person that starts the bike. The captain is the person who keeps the bike steady and steers. It is a great team activity. We are looking forward to enjoying the bike!

As we wandered from the great bike store to home, we passed by a carnival. It is that time of year when towns and cities bring the carnival to town. Mt. Airy Maryland is not a huge city, although it does have a Burger King and a Pizza Hut. I guess they are near to civilization! I took the pictures from the van of the carnival we didn’t get out. The last picture is of the bike in our now over the packed garage. We have to move some things down to the shed. The problem is we have things in the shed we need to move out and get rid of. Funny how when you first move into a house it is huge (we will never fill this house). Within three, four years you have to start getting rid of things because the house is crammed to the rafters with things. Six people, four dogs, also take up a lot of space.

Two on the road? Daisy’s ride? Perhaps WATCH OUT THEY ARE RIDING AGAIN is the best one!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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