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The first year after the twins arrived was difficult. The twins spent two weeks in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). That was one of the worst, most helpless weeks of my life. My wife’s life as well. We were bound to two creatures, loved them with all our hearts, and it wasn’t guaranteed they would ever come home. They did, only one of them was sick with a  very rare infection that happens, well rarely. We were back in the hospital for another ten days. What had been bad before, was worse the second time, Now we had one baby at home and the other still in the hospital. The month after the birth of the twins in a time forgotten. A blur of activity, working, coming home and rushing to the hospital.

The twin survived that infection but came home to a pic line (set in their shoulder so that the nurse could come three times a day and inject the antibiotics into his tiny little system). The screaming was horrible. I missed one of the injections, as I was at work but was there for the other two, and it was awful. We found out who was in our corner at that time. There were people that not only were there but stepped up. The Bean took her little new brother and made them feel special. The twins godparents were beyond amazing. My parents and my wife’s parents were supportive and there for us. My best man, was there, helping and supporting. We were able to survive that first crisis because of those people.

We had friends as well, people that were supportive. The person I was working with at that time, was an incredible friend who helped as well. We will never forget who was there for us then. They are beyond a doubt the people that shaped us as people forever. The first two months after returning from the hospital and going back and then finally being home were and remain a blur. Without the help of the people I listed we would have probably gone off the deep end. I got parental leave the second month the twins were alive. It was a chance to bond with them and connect. That connection is something we still have today, and I enjoyed it, I think. As I said, that time remains blurry other than the faces of the people that helped!


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Written by DocAndersen

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