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Both my wife and I grew up in Bloomington IN. I moved to Bloomington with my parents when I was five from Chicago. My wife was born in Bloomington. She left Bloomington when she was 19 and lived in Arizona for a year. I left with my parents and lived in Thailand for a year. But we were both there when we met, married and moved to Cincinnati. Moving back from Cincinnati to Indianapolis was an interesting choice for us. I don’t think either of us was ready to be back in Indiana. Bloomington is different than Indianapolis. Our experiences in Greenwood were different than they had been in Bloomington. In part, because in Bloomington we were I guess different than we were in Greenwood.

Greenwood though was a long stop in our family history. Living off of Olive Branch road for 11 years. During the first few days in Indiana, things were hectic. We arrived on October 30th, the same day as the moving van. I remember my wife sitting in the front yard with a clipboard and a folding table. She was ready for the movers to put things in the various rooms. The boys were in a playpen outside with her. It was about 50 degrees that day. I headed off to work in the Indianapolis office. I was back in Chicago after the initial moving in but was allowed to work from home for a couple of day’s to move into the house. When I got back from the office that first day the furniture was in the rooms and the rooms were filled with boxes.

Beds, though we did have beds. We spent our first night in the new house. The boys were still in their cribs then. They would move to single beds in about a year. The beds that would be there were the bunk beds in The Bean’s room t that time. She would get a different bunk bend later, but for now, the future Twin’s Tein beds were bunk bed’s in her room. The house had a main level master bedroom, and the kids rooms were all upstairs. The laundry room as on the same level as the Master Bedroom and was tucked in behind the kitchen. We had a 3 car garage, which was something new for us. We didn’t have a garage at all in Western Hills, we had a two-car garage in Mt Airy, now we had a three car garage. Funny how that is the one thing about our house in Greenwood that both my wife and I miss, the wonderful massive 3 car garage.


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Written by DocAndersen

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