Wander project mental gymnastics…

Let’s for a moment lose the tethers that bind us to here and now. Release the fears that bind us to now. Think beyond what was, think what is. Let’s wander to places that are new, not new in the sense that the volcanic eruption over, a new island appearing and the thousands of years required to move it from volcanic rock to soil, the millions of birds flying over the rock, dropping their poop, with seeds. The new soil hungry for anything other than volcanic glass suddenly a plant bursts forth. Its roots are driving into the rock splitting, cracking expanding and then slowly converting. Let’s pull the curtain aside now. Let’s peer into the telescope of life and see what lies beyond, beyond.

Today the shared pictures of water and warm. It is, different than the today outside. Nineteen degrees are crossing to one weather station; the other is more optimistic putting the am temperature at 20 degrees — both in the shade of the trees in the AM, not impacted by sunlight yet. One is never impacted by the sun, the other gains 4 degrees or more of false heat.  The cold drives us indoors, except, as the twins who walk with me say “for the crazy people.” Their argument, they contend that we are the only crazy people that go out and walk in the cold. Labs love their walks; it is their mission in life to walk. Dylan, in particular, is ready to walk whenever it is time. He and I on occasion wandering off on morning walks.

Dylan has been my walk buddy now for more than six years. He is the only dog living in our house that met my dad. Dylan and my dad became fast friends. But the issue was the contention that only crazy people walk in the cold. I would argue this, but the very evidence of the world around us as we walk points to the validity of their assertion. In the summer we encounter 3, 4 or more dogs on the walk. In the winter one sometimes, often. Virtually every day, none. Neighbors, knowing who we are, meeting us, tell us that they call us the walkers. I would wonder if that was a fair nickname. We do many things other than walk. But often in the winter, when it cold there are no other walkers, perhaps the moniker is fair.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Enjoyed the photos. And during the winter if you have a dog, I cannot understand why you don’t continue walking him. Bundle up and do it for the sake of the animal. He depends on you. Good for you for doing this for yours.


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