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My mother is a fantastic cook. There are so many things she made that we enjoyed as kids. I have to admit, however, contrary to what my father said, still, I wouldn’t say I like Zucchini. Anyway, a brief foray into the beautiful things mom used to make is in order today. I found pictures of my wife with the twins, so the mother-child connection just popped into my head. Not mind you that my relationship with my mother is wholly based on food.  Nor did all the life lessons mom taught me over the years involve cooking. Instead of that today as part of an exploration of the wonder that is my mother, I remember her cooking today. Mom is a great cook and introduced me to Julia Childs’s hooking (and TV show!)

Mom used to make Fudge on occasion, and apple pie. I remember the apple pie most of all!  Mom agreed with dad that my taste buds would mature (they didn’t) and that someday I would like Zucchini. They were right; I do like Zucchini. I like to see it at other people’s houses, in the grocery store, or the garage can. I wouldn’t say I like seeing it on my plate. I talked before about making spaghetti, or the day of the mess with my mom. One of my favorite mom stories is the rusty potato ricer that mom bought. No matter how much we cleaned that thing, it produced rusty riced potatoes. Or I remember turkey strata. With lots of leftover turkeys, mom got desperate for a dish to serve.

But there is one thing my mother made that I have never tried to replicate. I have my takes on all the things that mom used to make except this one. Mom learned this dish from her Brazilan friend. It is one that I have had many times, both for dinner and the next day for lunch. There are legends and traditions about the dish. If you get the goats hoof or chicken foot, I never remember you are considered the honored guest: feijoada or Brialian Black Bean stew. I am reasonably sure I could make it, but I have never tried. It is my mom’s dish. The one thing that always says mom to me. Well now, its crab cakes as well, but we buy those and make them. Feijoada is something mom makes that says mom to me!

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