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Wander project Maine and yes, Moose!

There were three things my wife had to do while we were in Maine. The first was to go to LL Bean. Years of online and home catalog viewing meant we had to go. The second thing for my wife was to have lobster. And then the last thing she had to do while we were in Maine saw a live moose. The State of Maine has several preserves where moose live. As we came to the sign that said moose to the left, we started looking. The enclosure for the moose is roughly five fenced acres. We started in one corner, looking for the moose. That was when we saw the bull moose gets angry sign. My wife, at that moment, said sometimes substitute husband for moose.

We kept walking, encountering a family with small kids sitting by the duck pond. Well, the dad was sitting with one of the kids. The mom was walking with the other. As we walked by, the little one in mom’s arms swatted at her neck and started crying. A bug had gotten her. It was well past the first freeze in Maine, so not many bugs left. As we came around the corner of the fence we saw, the Moose. Not very angry. Plus, sadly (obscure reference here), there was no squirrel with the moose. The moose literally was leaning against the fence, and as we walked around he just sat (based on the sign we assumed the moose in the enclosure was a he, the sign was on that same enclosure).

What do moose get angry about? Well anyway, as we walked around the rest of the park we found the bear enclosure. We honestly could not tell the difference between the bears and our Labradors at home. The two bears were sleeping (as our Labs are usually). We watched them for a while. Then we walked around a little more. The person at the gate said it would take us 4 hours to walk the entire park. We were done in about 35 minutes. I guess my wife and I walk faster than a lot of people do. We also saw everything including the deer, bears, and moose. We did not see the lynx, and they were already hiding in their nice warm area and out of sight from prying eyes!

my wife said replace moose with husband.

da moose

more moose

walk this way

more than I guessed!

it rhymed so I had to take the picture.

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  1. Moose or orignal (French) are indeed impressive animals. That moose was probably content because he was not searching for a female yet… It is true that when they decide to cross the street motorists really have to slow down…

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