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wander project learning to Meditate in mid air

Traveling is interesting. You can always tell how much someone goes by the way they pack. Those who travel an extensive amount, take the very least amount with them when traveling, but their least amount is more than most people would assume. You never know when you are in turkey, how many devices you have to charge at the same time. So you have two travel adapters. You never know if you will be able to charge your camera, so you have two batteries. The same for your laptop. You see, the difference is knowing what might or might not happen once you land where you are going. Experienced travelers know that you can easily buy anything you need when you arrive, but then you have to have a way to return the new item home.

In the long run, the cheaper way to travel is to have what you need. I had that discussion with several visiting friends over the years. There were people I sat next to every Monday morning at the Weir Cook Airport. We knew the other person’s name. We knew what they did. We also knew when they weren’t on the plane early in the morning why they weren’t there. Oh yeah, he is on vacation this week. That is the concept of community. A community formed and created by the simple act of where you are, flying to Chicago on Mondays. Landing at O’hare airport and getting a rental car, or catching the next flight bound for another place, another city.

Sometimes early in my traveling, I would work for the entire flight. That changed over time, I learned to grab them away time the alone time of the plane to rest and relax. I began reading books on medication and practices mediation sitting by the window and watching the world go by. You can see shapes in the clouds from above that are different than what you see on the ground looking up! Mediation led to relaxation, and sometimes I would be more relaxed arriving than leaving. The excitement of going homemade the medication harder; the realization was tied instead of coming home and seeing my family. But at times, I could as well relax on the flight home.


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    • i was trying to figure out, i’ve been to all 50 states so I can share a picture from each but some states I have been to many more times than others.
      So I set my bar at 10, 10 trips to that state and I will include a city picture!

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