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Wander project Lake Lemon Indiana

Wandering Lake Lemon today, images of boating past. One of the things we did for several years was wandered southern Indiana, in particular, we wandered all over Lake Lemon. Lake Lemon was named for former Mayor of Bloomington Tom Lemon. (I think his first name was Tom). A dam was created at one end of what was to become the Lake. It was built in the 1950’s by the US Army Corp of Engineers. They build most of the larger recurvous in the US.

There were two ends to Lake Lemon, with the end near our marina being the shallow end. Its funny, now that I think about it. Our boat then could wander into water that was less than 3 feet but had to be more than 2.5 feet deep, so we didn’t get stuck. Now, anything less than 4 feet of water is asking for trouble. Our boat then had sonar to warn us when we were in water that wasn’t deep enough.

The part of the lake that was shallow was the end of the lake with a huge silt problem. That was where the old creek/river still fed into the lake bringing with it the spring silt. It had over the years begun to fill the lake back in. They were dredging the lake again as we wandered. On the shallow river/creek side of the lake, most people had pontoon boats. The sailboats stayed in the more open and deeper part of the lake. We went up the creek a few times (we did have a paddle on the boat), but for the most part like most of the boaters, we stayed in the larger, deeper middle section.


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