Wander project Kentlands (Gaithersburg MD)

We lived in a planned community when we first moved to Maryland. My wife read about the planned communities of Maryland (there are many.) Franklyn Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was president when one of the first planned communities was built in Maryland. It was called Greenbelt Maryland. It is famous now, as the home of NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center and the US Census along with several other US Federal Agencies. We lived in a community called The Kentlands. For the most part, these communities were focused around converting a former farm (or collection of farms) into a self-contained living environment.

The Kentlands had a theater, shopping, and a huge pool complex. We moved into the complex after arriving in Maryland in August 2011. The pictures today are of the interior of that house. We decided to lease the house in the Kentlands as we were still trying to sell our home in Indiana. The difference between leasing and owning a house is painful. When you lease, you are beholden to the landlord. I have to say. Honestly, our landlord was the worst. Noah’s Properties of Gaithersburg. When you are told, do not have a repair person come to the house, we send the repair people you have to abide by that. I think it was the second week we were in the house, that the dishwasher broke. In the ensuing 22 months, we were in the house; the dishwasher only worked for 11 of those months. The same was true of the refrigerator and several other appliances.

We loved living in the Kentlands, walking to dinner on a Friday night, or walking to the movie theater. That part of the experience was wonderful. The reality of a bad leasing company made it impossible for us to stay in that house. That subtle difference is why we decided to buy a house again. We had thought, after owning homes in Indiana and Ohio, that we would never own a home in Maryland. We were wrong. The one good thing for our family that Noah’s gave us was the desire to get our own house again!


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Written by DocAndersen

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