Wander project July 4, 2005 Bloomington Indiana

Happy 4th of July

(unless of course you are in the US, in which case, welcome to summer!)

One of the often forgotten heroes of the American Revolution is a polish national who wanted to make the world a better place. Tadeusz Kosciuszko was born in Poland. He came to the Colonies to fight for what he believed to be right. One of the things about this amazing person is the way he treated everyone around him. He rose to the rank of General in the Revolutionary Army. He was given a manservant, as part of his promotion. He freed the manservant and gave his former manservant land and other compensation. Tadeusz did not believe in slavery in any form. At the end of the American Revolution, he returned to Poland and was injured leading the revolution against the Czar of Russia.

He was so respected by the Czar that he was not killed. A broken man left to live out his life without realizing his greatest dream, The freedom for all people regardless of anything. Tadeusz Kosciuszko on today July 4th is my hero. A link to his Wikipedia page is here if you are interested in learning more. We come to this world with a vision of what the world should be. What we do to affect that change around us, determines where we end up in the memories of others. No good deed is ever truly forgotten. On this July 4th, I wish to remember a hero that came to America to make the world a better place. A hero that participated in not one, not two but three distinct revolutions. A human being that gave everything so that others could be free.

The greatest glory a hero can receive is to be remembered. I remember Tadeusz Kosciuszko today!

The pictures shared are of the 4th of July party at my parent’s house in 2005. Mom and dad’s dear friends the Cluvers came as well as my dear friends Sean and Mary. The holidays are always fun!


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  1. Tadeusz Koszuski, a man who believed in an independent Poland, a great warrior who died after falling from a horse on October 15, 1817.According to him, one street in the center of Belgrade is named.

      • I’m not much interested in history (as a subject) and don’t know much about it… :/ I don’t always read everything, it usually takes a lot of time to reward (comment) everything that is beautiful and that I missed so can’t manage everything… But I read it now and it is certainly a nice story…

        • Doc I am so sorry, I am so frustrated, nervous and tired these days that I somehow mixed up your two posts where I commented, and these comments are still in your other post… I’m so sorry and it is so funny to me now, I’m so laughing at musleft…..! Sorry again!!!!! :/( 😀

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          • Sorry this reply was meant in your other 4th July post where you asked me about it and I answered but somehow I mixed this and that other post and thought my answers disappeared so copied it here too. There is also one other reply, actually my first reply to that question in that other post and these answers are just added to that one. I hope you know I didn’t mean anything bad, just tried to explain a different approach, and sorry for bugging you this much, maybe I shouldn’t write that much!

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