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Wander project Indianapolis Indiana

Today, finishing up the graduation pictures of my wife. IUPUI is located on the west side of Indianapolis Indiana. Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana (once upon a time the Capital was in Corydon right along the Ohio River, but it had moved to Indianapolis more than 100 years ago). Indianapolis is almost the center of the state of Indiana and also is the center of a vast network of highways including US 70 (that stretches all the way to Maryland) and US 40.

US 40 is called the old National Highway. It once stretched from sea to sea. Although if you believe the song America the Beautiful, the seas were shining (From sea to shining sea). There are some things to see in downtown Indy. On the south side of the city itself sits Lucas Field (Home of the NFL team the Indianapolis Colts) and Market Square Area (home of the NBA Indianapolis Pacers). Near Lucas field is the beautiful baseball stadium. The baseball team is a Triple AAA team. For many years affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.

Finally, there is, on the west side of Indpaoalis a town that isn’t part of Indianapolis but it is part of Indianapolis. Know as Speedway Indiana; the town is home to the Indpaoalis Motor Speedway. The IMS is an iconic raceway once home to a US Formula One race, but still home to the Brickyard 500 a US Stock Car race (NASCAR) and the iconic Indianapolis 500. Every year on Memorial Day 300,000 people gather to watch β€œThe greatest spectacle in Motor Racing!”


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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