Wander project Indiana (and Flowers!)

Flowers everywhere, since the arrival (and now departure) of spring (today is the first day of summer!) images of flowers, have been all over Virily. I love flowers. I buy them for my wife, never on the big commercial holidays, always just because she is special. I love to take pictures of flowers as well. The first couple of pictures are of the basketball court at our Church in Indiana. Often once service let out, or once the children were released, if it was a nice day we took the kids outside. Outside is a wonderful place to be. The church had a nice outside area with a basketball goal, a playground, and a sheltered area. Plus lots of flowers that were planted over the years. I do miss the people of the church from time to time.

I often take pictures of buds and sadly often forget to go back and take a picture of the bloom. Or just capture the fleeting moment that is the bloom, never catching the buds. Someone should invent the time-lapse flower camera. One that you can just put in your garden, and then once a week collect the pictures of the plants rising from the ground, the bugs forming and then the flowers blooming. The reality of work/life imbalance often makes it nearly impossible for me to get those pictures. I can, on most days, easily post my automated time-lapse video of yesterday’s weather. Because it is an automated system that focuses on the sky and I don’t have to do anything!

Someday, there will be the time-lapse garden camera. Perhaps it could be embedded in a  gnome figure. You know, those garden gnomes with the pointed red caps. The ones that had their movie. But then, as the number of movies produced in a year increases, what hasn’t had a movie made about it? I loved one of the advertisements for the Gnome movie, introducing the great detective Sherlock Gnome. Without little children in the house begging to go to movies like that anymore, I don’t go to them. Although, I do always go to the despicable my movies, and I think I might try to see the Incredibles 2 movie. I loved the first one, and heard the second one is amazing!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Beautiful purples and yellows Doc. Flowers make me happy. Funny you mentioned time laps photography. I just viewed a post of Norman’s garden with a time lapse, he showed the difference
    in when the garden was first planted 9 years ago and then now. You should check it out.


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