Wander project images of the Bay, memories of Geodes!

Kids say the darndest things;I used to watch that show years ago. It is true, however, that they do. The funny thing is, they never talk aboutthe reality of parenting. Children are fun at every age. There is alwayssomething new, always something different. As they get older, children havemore to share, and there is always that bond you had when they were younger. Well, that bond is there sometimes. Anger cantake bonus away for no reason other thanthe anger. Today the wander is just outside the ChesapeakeBay. Not able to go in the Bay until the debris has moved down to the ocean.Sad, a really large ship can hit the debris, andthe impact is small if any at all, a small craft like ours and the impact ishuge regardless.

That is the impact of children on parents. Small and large, Sometimesthe child doesn’t even realize the impact they have had. I have a geode half that my mother, father and I found manyyears ago. Not the half, we found the full geode. Out on a walk near what wasto be Lake Monore. We were there, in Bloomington and actually at the lake rightafter the man was closed. It is an earthen dam built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The earthen Dam was at the end ofthree creeks that converged together inthe valley that would become Lake Monore. We got to see the lake when it wassmall and growing. That was an interesting opportunity and a learning moment. The reason for the wander thenbecame our Geode quest.

When we first moved to Bloomington in 1966, my father was ona quest to find Geodes. Much as my wife and I, have for the past two years beensearching to see dolphins in the Bay. Dad took us on a lot of hikes over theyears. In the early years though before my youngest sister appeared, it was wanderingthe floodplain cuts made by the US Army Corp,to reduce flooding (ergo the reason for Lake Monore in the first place). Thehuge cuts produced many Geode finding places. The particular Geode was foundand cracked. It was large and has some ofthe nicest quartz we ever found. A geode is a bubble of clay filled withminerals that hardened by heat andpressure to become a rock, filled with crystals. An amazing bit of bothgeology, history, and joy when you found them!

Children are truly Geodes. Formed of clay (their parents) they are wonderful unique creations.


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Written by DocAndersen

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