Wander project images of Bangkok and sharing memories…

I have in my life had the fortune of visiting the land of smiles many times. We lived in Bangkok when I was younger, and I have been back since. It is a magical city. One that my father loved. He would brighten the moment he landed in Thailand. My mother would settle in to make quilts with her Thai friends. I suspect mom is responsible for the Thai quilting craze, at least amongst her friends. One year the entire family went to visit mom and dad over the course of three weeks (in Thailand).

It is always interesting to show your family places that you were young. The boys are too young to remember, but we did go to Cambridge Wisconsin where my grandparents lived. We visited the Dells when they were a little older (12 or 13) and they remember the Dells. But Cambridge was a special place for me. I learned there to play golf. I learned to row a powerboat to shore without the motor (not by choice but by happenstance). Cambridge was a magical place in the summer and the winter.

As a five or six years old, sledding down the hill at my grandparent’s house I choose the wrong course. Reaching a speed of probably 12, 15 miles per hour, I slammed into a tree. The resulting red badge of courage was hardly compensation for the pain. I had many stitches in my head. I also learned who was good in a medical crisis. My grandfather picked me up and carried me into the house. My mother got a blanket, and my grandfather, mother, and father went to the Doctor’s office in town. At the Doctor’s office, my father fainted. The only thing I remember being awake for was in the Doctors office getting the stitches. I don’t remember hitting the tree or driving to the doctor. I do remember my father fainting.


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