Wander project high water and mushrooms!

Two different kinds of mushrooms. My wife asked how you knew which ones you could eat. I said take a bite. She hit me on the arm. I guess that wasn’t the answer she was looking for. I suspect she was looking for a different answer that taste tester. I wonder what it was that she wanted me to say. We will never know as that moment is now long past. Perhaps with the fickle fates of Facebook, she will comment upon this missive and provide us with a better sense of what she was looking for with the question. The impact of Florence was huge, mostly the storm surge which made it all the way up the Bay but also the amount of rain both from Florence but also from the other storms that have vexed us since July. The creed is high.

I suspect in the boating world we worry about things people don’t normally worry about. For example, stepping up to your boat from a dock is good, if your boat has an infrastructure and you get on it in the middle area. When your boat has a swim platform, and you have to step up from the dock to get on the swim platform that is a abe thing. IT means the water is higher than normal!  We were doing maintenance and repairs yesterday. The wind was pretty brisk, and we didn’t feel like fighting all the waves. Instead, we focused on collecting electronics that needed to be charged, checking out the electronics of the boat overall and making sure everything was ship shape.

Then we relaxed and had a wonderful lunch.

As we were leaving, I took pictures of some mushrooms that were now sprouting on the hill that is at the end of the dock. There are three main buildings for the Marina. One is where the catering company and canvas company are located. The other is the bathhouse and office space. There are some sheds and a poolhouse area, but those aren’t buildings. The last building is the actual fuel dock and marina office, and it is located just on the other side of our slip.  I wonder if the mushrooms paid for their slip at the Marina?


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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