Wander project growing up twins…

The pictures are from the backyard of our house in Indiana circa April 2004. There are several pictures in this grouping that I am proud of. One of one of the twins kneeling over the pond with a stick is a photo I entered in a contest once. The Judge gave it a 3rd place, because of the defect in the picture. If you look in the upper right side of the picture, there is a reflection of the sun on the water, that appears to be a defect. It isn’t but, it remains my favorite picture of one of the twins when they were 5 or 6. They were digging around the pond for algae, not sure why just that was what they were doing. There are also a few of the spring flowers from that year as the world came back to life.

By the time the twins were 5, six years old we had adjusted to life with them. It took a couple of years; the first year was a blur the next couple of years blended into each other as well. We move twice before the twins were two years old. The first from our smaller (and much older house) to the new house we built. A short trip up the road. The new house was less than 5 miles from the old house. And, best of all within walking distance of a Hollywood Video and the 20-mile house. The 20-mile house was a bar and sat exactly 20 miles from the river (the Ohio River) in Cincinnati Ohio. There were houses like that one throughout the state of Ohio, coming from the days of using horses to move people, mail and other things around the area.

We went to that Hollywood video store every single weekend. Normally early on Saturday. Then, my wife and daughter would head off to Kroger to shop. In Western Hills, the Kroger we shopped at was further away than it was in Mt. Airy. Funny how that worked out. When we first moved to Cincinnati, my wife used to shop at a place called Biggs. She loved that store; it was more than just groceries. We then transitioned to shopping at Kroger (where we had also shopped in Bloomington IN). We then picked up and moved to Greenwood Indiana. My wife started shopping at a Midwest store called Meijers. We shopped most weeks at Meijers. The life of parenting multiples settled down; we started to understand the rules.

Funny how looking back at these pictures I remember the times we had, that is why you capture the pictures.


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