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The transitions you make in life are always interesting. The first images shared by Greenwood today were of snow. The second the rebirth that is spring. The eternal struggle I have is in that transition from hot (summer) and uncomfortable to cool (fall) and comfortable and then to cold (w2inter) and uncomfortable again. The other transitions are the aging of the kids; I talked briefly about that in my other post today, the reality of children aging changes your perception of where you are.

But home is always the destination. I remember sitting in airport lounges in Europe, Asia and watching the rain fall or the snowfall wondering if my flight was going to be delayed. Not that it would be a hassle. At that point I was on the high end of the airline’s system, if my flights got changed, they did it automatically. More for me then was the concern that I wouldn’t get home. Several times, catching the last flight from Chicago to Indianapolis, I ended driving home because the flight was canceled.

Home was more than a destination, more than the place you stopped between trips home was where you wanted to be. Slogging through airports with your computer bag, explaining to security people that it is normal to have more than two cables in a bag. That no that was simply a speaker, or an extra battery for my pocket pc phone. The batteries don’t last as long as you would wish. Always thinking of home, less a distraction than a goal. Always there though, always thinking of home.


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