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Wander project Greenwood and snow!

Then there was snow, cold and white covering everything. It is something that we know is coming in the DC area. Not that we relish the thought although there is something magical about looking out over the world and seeing the covering of snow. Pristine and without tracks. Our backyard, because of the dogs, normally has tracks the minute the dogs realize there is snow on the ground. Thee of the four dogs loves snow. One of them looks forlorn. She is a warm weather dog and hates having cold feet.

The images today come from our backyard in Greenwood Indiana. It seems so long ago now that we lived there. It is a little over six years. But we are in a different world now than when we were then. It is time to have the folks come and check out the snow blower, just in case we get enough snow to fire up the snow blower. Funny but I am thinking about the beach now, more and more. I keep looking at pictures from the boat thinking I wish it were warm again.

Perhaps I should visit the boat. It is sitting up on large stilts waiting for spring. The water pumped out of the tanks. The engines cleaned and ready for next year. The electronics prepared for a long winter’s sleep. Boats can stay in the water, but you don’t get the advantages of taking them out of the water. You don’t get the bottom of the boat cleaned. In the back creek where we keep our boat, plant life attaches to the boat after roughly 20 days in the water. You have to have a scuba diver clean the bottom of the boat once or twice a year. Wow, I do miss the boat!


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