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wander project Greenwood, snow and time

When the kids were little, I was either traveling or working at home. I didn’t always get to work from home, but I often did. My wife was working for the Church and home with the kids, and I was in a job that required me to be elsewhere in the world. But when I worked from home, I could work my 8 hours over 10 or 12 hours of the day. Ok, I worked 10 hours but got to spread it out over the day. The pictures are of snow from many years ago — the pictures of our backyard in Greenwood, Indiana. I took the pictures from inside, was on a call with my headset on, so I could listen and snap pictures. I did clean the windows first so that there weren’t smudges visible in the picture.

The first is looking out towards the railroad track in the back of the house. The second is the twins sledding down the staircase. We added a sidewalk from the end of the deck stairs to the pool area in the backyard.  The snow was probably 6-9 inches in total. Throughout the winter, we would have one or two snowstorms like that. There were a few that were bigger. When I was a kid, we lived a little further south in Indiana. If you look at a map of Indiana, Indianapolis right in the dead center of the state (just about), on that map, you will see the highway I-65 and the beltway around Indianapolis I-465. Greenwood, where we lived, was just south of I-465.

If your map is detailed enough, you will see two state highways. Indiana 31 and Indiana 37. We lived between those two highways. We choose that location because when we moved to Indiana, our goal was to be closer to family. My sister was just down the street from where we lived (well down the street, right on the road and then a left turn at the top of the hill). My parents were less than 45 minutes away. My other sister was also only 45 minutes away. It made life a little easier to have family close. Anyway, when the snow fell, the kids were out in the backyard playing in the snow. I looked through the pictures and didn’t see Fran. She was usually out supervising her girl in the snow!

stairs make for great sledding hills


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