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Another trip to the other folder, and another trip to a new camera, with no date or time. Yes, there is a date stamp in the picture itself that reveals the day it was originally taken (called the metadata). Newer ceramic include GPS information as well. This one, a series of pictures of the kids. The folder has a rough date of November 1 but no year. As I said, whenever finished storing the pictures in the other folder. By we, I mean me. The kids were scanning pictures like crazy.I was creating the storing system. I have to be honest, most of the pictures we scanned are still in the Family History folders (FH1, FH2 and so on). I would like to say that all of them are ready to share as well, but that also isn’t true.

I’ve gotten complaints, comments, etc. about the pictures I share in the past. I don’t always respond as nicely as I should. I am not as good a photographer as my father was. I take a lot of pictures, some variations of the same image. The rule of my project through is to share them all. Here is the reality of those pictures, first of all when my father passed away, there were between 25and 30 thousand pictures that no one other than my father had ever seen. The value of pictures is not that they exist, it is that other people see them. Pictures are a shared experience. Yes, there is a personal experience. There is a feeling of interaction with the image. It is something to consider.

But, none of my father’s pictures were shared. I decided since my kids were spending so much time and effort, I had to make sure those pictures were seen. It is why when people ask me the what and why of sharing, I always tell them I have to share all the pictures. That said, there are some pictures I don’t share. In part because when I do share those pictures, I get yelled at. I don.t like being yelled at, so I stopped sharing those pictures. I also at times, struggle with pictures of people no longer with us. Around the anniversaries of their deaths, or birthdays I don’t always post those pictures. The rest of the time, I share all the pictures. Honestly, if you don’t like them, that is fine.If you complain about them, I would probably ignore the complaints. It is a project to honor my parents, grandparents, and others by sharing the images they took.

What do you think?

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I agree with you about sharing photos. And it doesn’t matter what others think. I used to think it did, but it really doesn’t. This is your project and you are choosing your own way, so go for it.
    As for sharing photos around holidays of lost loved ones, a lot of times I will edit the photos, sort of blur the face a little. I feel the same about that. Kind of like you are not honoring them to share the personal photo. Hard to explain but I think we are on the same page.

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