Wander project Greenwood, literally driving the kids to a place they could go up the wall!

There once was a good sporting store named Galyans that started in Indianapolis Indiana. Their superstore in Greenwood Indiana had a rock wall. That rock wall was something that the kids loved to climb. Every time we went to (or by, frankly even near) Galyans we had to stop at the rock wall and climb. All three of them loved climbing that rock wall, and all three of them were pretty good at making their way up the wall.

We’ve found a few other rock walls over the years but this one, at Galyans was the first one the kids loved. Galyans at that time was owned by the Limited out of Columbus Ohio. They were later sold, (Galyan’s) to Dick’s sporting goods. In that last sale, Dick’s got rid of some of the superstores (they had rock walls in some of their stores as well). The one that went away for Greenwood was the one with the kid’s favorite rock wall.

I remember driving by what once was the rock wall, which became an Ashley’s furniture with Luke shaking his fists in the direction of the store and saying “curse you Dick’s” because his rock wall was no more. The pictures are of the three of their gearing up for the wall. Some of them are blurry (disadvantage of cell phone pictures). But you get the idea. They loved to climb that wall. I suspect with insurance and the modern litigious society they had to take those walls down. It sure did make Luke mad!


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